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Act/Coleman is a manufacturer of firearm parts for other firearm manufacturers. We are also a firearm dealer in Paramount, California.

We hold a Type 7 License – Manufacturer of Firearms. A Type 7 FFL is required of any business or individual that manufactures any type of firearm, ammunition and/or ammunition components. It also allows the holder to be a firearms dealer as if they also held a Type 1 license.


Transfer Services:

• DROS: (California Background Check) $25

• Storage Fee: $75 (This fee will cover up to 30 days in a secured FFL safe.)

• Administration Fee: $10



Firearm Safety Certificate Testing:

We do offer the test for your Firearm Safety Certificate. As of 2015, you must have a current FSC card to purchase either a handgun or rifle.

• Testing & Card: $15

• Administration Fee: $10

Hours: Monday through Friday

7am to Noon


We are members of NRA and National Shooting Sports Foundation

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